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Galcom These are the kind of posts we love to read: an iPhone developer with zero Palm experience successfully porting his app to webOS in two and a half days. Developer Phil Hassey’s popular Galcon fleet maneuvers game has been on the iPhone for two years now and received multiple updates to bring expanded gameplay. With the advent of the PDK, porting it to webOS wouldn’t be an overly difficult affair, and Hassey was able to pull it off in less than 24 hours worth of work, and that includes unboxing and activating his Verizon Pre Plus and getting acquainted with webOS, getting into the phone with the PDK, and other first-time development tasks.

With a few tweaks here and there to make Galcon work properly on webOS, Hassey deemed it ready to go, packaged it up, and submitted to Palm’s Developer Relations Team for sale in the App Catalog. After just a few days in the review/approval queue, Galcon is now available for $2.99 for webOS users ....who have webOS version 1.4.5. Sorry Americans, the future of webOS gaming is not quite here for you yet.

Anyway, there you have it - PDK porting at its finest.

Source: PhilHassey.com; thanks to simossoft for the tip!