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Gemini File Manager adds Remote File Access

by Adam Marks Fri, 09 Sep 2011 10:51 am EDT

If you are on a search for a File Manager app for your TouchPad, the only option available to you in the App Catalog right now is Gemini File Manager by Jack Newcombe of Oma Studios (although a full screen version of the homebrew Internalz Pro is available in Preware and an official version of Internalz HD is in the works). We had previously reviewed Gemini back in July and were impressed with the app back then, but the last few updates to the app has only improved it even more. In addition to the promised integration to the Network Manager, the biggest improvement was just added to version 1.7.0 in the form of Remote file access to your TouchPad. This means that you can access any file on the USB partition of your TouchPad from another device on the same Wi-Fi network, providing that they have a modern web browser. The great news is that this includes not only computers, but also any other webOS phone or TouchPad (and really any smartphone or tablet).

To activate this remote file access, you just need to tap on the "Remote" button on the top bar of the App, determine the port that you would like to use (it's set to 5544 by default), and tap the "start server" button. Gemini will then give you a unique URL address that you can use to access the files on your TouchPad from another device. You now have full access to view or download any file you would like. You can even continue to use the TouchPad, unlike when you access USB mode by plugging into your PC. As soon as you are done, just tap the "End Server" button in the App.

At the moment, you can not upload data to the TouchPad via Remote access, but you can still move files from your PC to dropbox or and then use the Network manager in Gemini to download to your TouchPad. In addition, you can currently not see who is remotely accessing the data. A password option would be nice to protect the security of your files, but there are some technical limitiations that has prevented this from being added. For now, just ensure that you are only turning on the remote server when you need the files and don't share that URL, espectially if you are on a public Wi-Fi network. So, if you have a Touchstone charger for your TouchPad and Gemini File Manager to transfer files, you now have one more reason why you will never need to plug in the USB cable to your TouchPad.