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by Dieter Bohn Wed, 22 Dec 2010 10:23 pm EST
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Lars Hendrichs
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Geocaching Toolbox helps you solving Mystery and Multi Caches with several Solvers. Current Features: ,Roman Numbers / Imperial Numbers convertion, Morse Code convertion, Caesar Cypher, Sun / Moon calculations, Waypoint (GoTo) calculations (including Export to other Mapping Apps), Brain, Binary, Decimal Hexal and Octal Calculations. ToDo-List for upcomming Features: FAQ, Switch between Kilomenters and Miles. More Solvers: PlayFair Cypher, Freemason Code Version 1 and 2, International code of signals, Flag semaphore, Zamonische Numbers, Alchemical Symbols, Baudot-Code, Chappe-Code, Moonalphabet, Polybius-Code, Sütterlin.

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