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German App Catalog bug gets a workaround

by Jason Robitaille Wed, 03 Nov 2010 3:41 pm EDT

For over 6 months now, users and developers alike have been reporting to Palm about a bug in the German App Catalog that prevents proper time-based categories from appearing. Thankfully, today, a workaround has been discovered!

Earlier today, ArthurThornton discovered the issue was actually due to a localization fumble and posted about it on the Palm Dev forums.

Essentially, the bug is caused by a simple issue with capital letters. The translations of "today" and "yesterday" listed in the German translations are "Heute" and "Gestern". However the App Catalog compares those strings to their all-lowercase equivalents.

Palm's Ben Combee has since posted saying he's requested the fix be in the next OTA update, but whether that happens is up in the air. Thankfully there's 2 workarounds to fix the issue right now.

The first option, is to use Internalz to fix the translations. Navigate to /usr/palm/applications/ and open the strings.json file.  Then just change the "Heute" and "Gestern" lines, near the end, to all lowercase and save the file.

The second option is a bit easier. I've placed the translation changes into a standard patch file about in this forum post.  You can install it with WebOSQuickInstall or Internalz.

This is just another example of how amazing the webOS community can be and how it can benefit Palm. A low-priority bug for Palm gets solved for them and users benefit from a fixed App Catalog. A win-win scenario and one that strengthens the webOS developer community with Palm for the better.

Source: Palm Dev Forums; Via: Blacklight (Twitter)