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Get a GPS fix

by Adam Marks Mon, 03 Jan 2011 11:49 am EST

Having GPS built-in to your webOS device can be an extremely useful feature, whether providing you with driving directions, finding your location in Foursquare or ensuring your SpaceAlarm goes off when you get close to a location. However, there are times when your device lose its GPS lock or doesn't appear to be getting a lock, such as when you exit a tunnel or an area without good GPS signal. To force your phone to get an immediate GPS lock

  • Ensure your GPS is turned on
  • Open the Phone App
  • For CDMA phones, dial ##477#. For GSM phones, dial #*477# and press the green Call Button
    • Note: to remember this in the future, remember that "477" translates to "GPS" on the phone dialer
  • Tap the "GPS Fix" button and wait for your location to be found

To make this process even quicker, you can use apps like LaunchPoint Speed Dial or Homebrew app dg Quick Cut to add a launcher icon preset to dial these numbers

Note: This is not a workaround for the Verizon GPS issues on webOS devices, as this just forces a GPS lock with whatever GPS tools are available to your device.

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