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Get HSPA+ "4G" speeds on your AT&T Pre3

by Adam Marks Tue, 27 Dec 2011 10:32 am EST

You just got an AT&T Pre3 4G for the holidays or bought one from ebay, put in your SIM card, logged in and you notice that you are only getting 1 Mbs download speeds, even though you know that you are in a "4G" HSPA+ service area and should be seeing much greater speeds. Even though these are AT&T branded smartphones that have "4G" in their name, there were never actually released by AT&T and therefore were never added as 4G-capable phones in their internal database. As a result, your phone may not be getting access to the higher speed network (this depends on a number of other factors, too, including how your account and/or SIM card is provisioned)

If you are unlucky enough to not be getting the full 4G HSPA+ speed, the good news is that a quick call to AT&T customer service can fix this. Before you call, you will need to be sure that you have your IMEI number. You can find this number on the box of the phone or by opening the "Device Info" app and tapping on the "More Info" button. The IMEI will appear towards the bottom (note that it may have 2 extra numbers added to the IMEI, in case the AT&T rep says the number is too long)

Once you have that IMEI number, give AT&T a call. You will just need to tell the representative that you acquired an HP Pre3, which was an unreleased AT&T 4G phone and they need to add the IMEI to their database to indicate that it is a 4G HSPA+ phone. The representative may try to give you some canned answer that they can not guarantee speeds and that you might not be in a 4G area and they don't want to add the phone to their database. Just be persistent and insist that you know what you are talking about. They may ask you to turn your phone off so they can update their system and once you turn it on, you should be able to get access to the higher speed network (assuming that it is available in your area)

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