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Get SMS and Instant Message timestamps [webOS 2.2.4]

by Adam Marks Tue, 27 Dec 2011 10:40 am EST

This tip is only for webOS devices running webOS 2.2.4 or higher

In the webOS messaging app, you have probably noticed that not all text or instant messages show the timestamp that the message was sent or received. In fact, if you wanted to add a timestamp to all the messages, you needed to rely on homebrew patches to add this functionality. That is, until webOS 2.2.4 was released for the Pre2 and Pre3 phones. Now, you can access the timestamp on any message simply by tapping it to bring up the same pop-up menu that has existed since some of the earliest versions of webOS. However, instead of now just offering you an option to forward or copy the message, it now gives you the date and time of the message on the top of the menu.

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