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Giveaway: Are YOU the Greatest webOS Fan? One day left!

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Wed, 30 Mar 2011 6:26 am EDT

With little more than 24 hours remaining on the clock to enter this giveaway, it's time to give one final update for those of you that missed it the first two times. The prize, an autographed copy of Palm Pre: The Missing Manual, is already well on its way around the States to be autographed by nearly 30 of the most prominent and influential members of the webOS community, and we are almost ready to choose the winner tomorrow afternoon.

The book has already been signed by the author, Ed Baig, and a plethora of Palm employees; all the way from Evan Wilbrecht and Lisa Brewster to Chuq Von Rospach and the Palm Cafe Chef (you can see a list of some of the other signees here). But we are still missing something - your entry. Click here to read the rules, or jump after the break to see what some members have been saying in our own comments below.

Some of our favorite entries:


The biggest fan? Must be me - at least when it comes to "Who has more Pre's at home?" :-)

(And no, I'm not running a business that sells them, they're all *mine* :-D)

Want pictures of my Touchstones and my protective cases?


I definitely fit the Ultimate webOS Fanatic category! I got my Pre Plus on Day-1 of GA @ VZW. (I replaced a Treo 650.) The reps @ the store were more happy about the GA than I was, because they didn't have to keep answering my, "Is it there yet..." questions.


I develop well-loved apps for webOS - that in itself shows I'm a fan.

I have over 1600 posts (with just a bit over a year of being a member) on the Palm Developer forums, assisting developers the Palm Developer Community website.

I am the person responsible for keeping Classic functional on webOS 2.0 and 2.1 - a feat of its own.

I own 6 Pre devices - 1x Sprint Pre, 1x AT&T Pre+, 2x GSM Unlocked Pre2, 1x Sprint Pre2, 1x pieces of a Sprint Pre and a GSM Pre2 left over from my Sprint Pre2


My Sprint contract has expired, and Sprint is really pushing me to upgrade/renew my contract. They've made a short-term offer of an extra $70 discount if I will just go ahead and re-up.

I told Sprint to take a hike. I'll hold onto my Day 1 Sprint Pre and do whatever is necessary to stay non-contract on webOS until we know for sure who will carry the Pre3 and TouchPad. And at 6'5"/280lb, I figure I'm a big enough webOS fan that nobody's gonna try to stop me.

webOS all the way, baby! You couldn't pay me to switch to a different platform.

And what about you? Why are you the greatest webOS fan?