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by webos catalog Fri, 14 Jan 2011 3:53 pm EST
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Make eating out Gluten Free easier than ever! With Gluten Free Menus (USA) you can view the gluten free menus for 25 US restaurant chains! 5/1/18 UPDATE: Now 35 restaurants!

This is the first and only WebOS Gluten free menu app!

Features include:
- Free restaurant updates
- View only gluten free/wheat free items you can eat
- Easily see warning messages about some items
- View general restaurant cautions
- Over 1100 menu items and growing!
- Internet connection not required to view menus

***New feature - Green or orange icon for Gluten Free or Wheat Free allergen information!

Finding this information on your own can involve viewing and analyzing hundreds of web pages and documents. Save time and effort by using Gluten Free Menus (USA). You will wonder how you ever ate out Gluten Free without it!

Go to to make comments & suggestions. We would love to hear from you!

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