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by markpowers Thu, 28 Jan 2010 1:46 pm EST
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This is Lite. Go To Tool is a paid webOS application for creating, sharing, managing and finding GPS locations. *Create new locations (Parking, Beach, Campsite, Trailhead, etc) *Send by email or messaging *Built-in Go To navigation (follow the arrow) *Integrates into Maps for satellite view and driving directions *Import location lists (Geocaches, GPS Tours, Landmarks) ***PLEASE NOTE -GPS is most accurate outdoors -Compass only works when moving with good GPS signal

Where do you want to Go To?

Go To Tool Lite VERSION 1.3.6 *****

- Keyboard shortcuts for Saved detail and Saved Logs scenes.
- Added capability to send Tweet.
- Added Log sub-menu.
- Added Prefs for Twitter account.
- Added keyboard shortcut to Tweet Find.
- Fixed import bug when no attributes found.
- Added Preferences for Map Tile Source.

Go To Tool Lite VERSION 1.3.6 *****

Go To Tool Lite VERSION 1.3.4 *****

- Added Go To Tool Message Manager.
- Render history trail connected.
- On import store available, archived.
- In map view color waypoints by found, available, archived.
- In map view, tap popup indicates found, not available, archived.
- In Go To scene, Saved Detail, Saved Hint and Saved Logs: Header indicates found, not available, archived.
- In Go To scene added keyboard shortcuts.
- In Quick Waypoint scene added accuracy warning with increasing accuracy settings for request.
- In Quick Waypoint scene added countdown scrim to show when GPS Fix request will timeout.
- Adjusted all scenes to send this.controller.window to all Mojo.Controller.errorDialog calls.
- Fixed bug stopping tracking after import with false toggle on.
- Quick Waypoint- when saved persists to map and database. Auto-close after 'save' or 'send'.

Go To Tool Lite VERSION 1.3.4 *****Go To Tool Lite VERSION 1.3.2 *****

- Added OpenStreetMap tiles behind Map view.
- Added 3 view states for Map and List View (Map Only, List Only).
- Added ability to import gpx track files.
- Add tappable areas to map view.
- Add Saved Detail and Saved Logs scenes.
- Map translation via keyboard.

Go To Tool Lite VERSION 1.3.2 *****

Go To Tool Lite VERSION 1.2.0 *****

-Added send waypoint to Go To view
- Added new context for buttons in Quick Location so they can stop the fix.
- Finally fixed multiple input files bug.
- Re-fixed ability to cancel alert.
- Fixed Title on alert and Go To screens.
- Changed textarea for new waypoint name to be Title case.
- Changed Near button to be new icon, still opens near.
- Send waypoint from Go To with messaging.
- Cap the number of elements in the 'fixes' array to be max number shown on map (preference).
- Disable preferences settings for Alerts and Notifications for Lite version.
- Add status message to map and list view.

Go To Tool Lite VERSION 1.2.0 *****

Go To Tool Lite VERSION 1.1.1 *****

Quick Waypoint
- Added scene to allow for quick marking, tagging, saving and sending your current location (email only so far). Tap 'Quick' - Tap 'Tag' - Tap 'Save'
- Default settings show Quick Waypoint at launch and autosave your current location with 'Other' tag.

Map and List View
- Added map showing multiple waypoints, current heading and optional track of where you've been.
- Modified sort and display algorithms to avoid bogging down with tracking on.

GPS Console
- Added GPS Console screen for looking at raw GPS data.

Alerts for Sat and Nav
- These views now include a miniature Go To Dial to keep you pointed in the right direction.

Go To View
- Decreased dial size and move elements to adjust for different display heights (to accomodate banners and dashboards and Pixi).

GPS Error checking
- Added GPS error checking to all scenes.

- Added support email link.

Bug Fixes
- Waypoint entry by DDD MM.mmm now allows latitudes and longitudes between 0.000 and -1.000 to be saved.

Go To Tool Lite VERSION 1.1.1 *****

Go To Tool Lite VERSION 0.5.2 *****

- loosened up import even further...

Go To page
- Fixed Log Button

Go To Tool Lite VERSION 0.5.2 *****

Go To Tool Lite VERSION 0.5.1 *****

- Can now import gpx files from other sources (tested with bikerag gpx)

Go To page
- Lock-out heading dial rotation in preferences
- Turn off display of glass in preferences
- Nav and Sat buttons now pass waypoint name and description

List View
- Distance sort more efficient

Go To Tool Lite VERSION 0.5.1 *****

Go To Tool Lite VERSION 0.5.0 *****

- Metric/English Units
- 2 GPS coordinate formats in the lite version

- Can now import *.loc files (from Geocaching.com)
- Lite version limits import to 500 waypoints

Go To
- Details button shows waypoint's URL in browser (cache details, etc.).

List View
- Distance Sort now a toggle. Be careful with too many waypints in your list!

Go To Tool Lite VERSION 0.5.0 *****

VERSION 0.4.1 *****

Import geocaching gpx files!!!
- Put files on device's media partition via USB, import in Go To tool, see screenshot. Tested with 500 waypoint files. ***
- Log button on

Go To page
- Opens geocaching.com in browser, focused on log page for the selected cache. ***
- New waypoint 'near' opens in same window for easier copy/paste. ***
- WebView control keeps browsing in the same window. Extra information captured from URL provides better geocaching.com integration.

New background color and display fixes.

VERSION 0.4.1 *****

***QUICK LOCATION -Opens on launch -Quickly tag as Car, Metro, Hotel, Other -Save or Send by email -Tap list to open location in Go To mode

***MAP & LIST VIEW -Point map on top -Distance-sorted list below

***GO TO -Needle points to location -AS YOU MOVE, compass dial shows North -Distance and Name in header -Send location via Email or Messaging

***MAPS INTEGRATION -In Go To scene -Sat opens satellite view at maximum zoom -Nav opens driving directions from current location

***ADD NEW -Mark where you are or want to go -Pre-populates the coordinates -Optional name and description -Enter any coordinates from web, tour guide, etc

***IMPORT FROM FILE -Many sources (see GoToTool.com): bike trails, wineries, landmarks, geocaches, etc. -Select Import from List View Menu -Use 'USB Drive' to put *.loc or *.gpx files on device -Opens gpx files downloaded in browser

***NOTIFICATIONS (not in Lite) -Available when using other apps -Map & List notification: nearest location, direction, distance, 50x50 pixel 'point' map of many -Go To notification: name, description, distance, heading dial, direction arrow -Updated as you move

***ALERTS -Shows with Sat, Nav or Detail from Go To -Go To Go To Alert (not in Lite) shows from other app within your customized alert distance -Stays below other app to show name, description, distance, heading dial, direction arrow ***GPS CONSOLE -Test your GPS.

***GEOCACHING -Go To: buttons for Geocaching.com Detail and Log View -Add Waypoint: Near button opens Geocaching.com nearest caches

BTW, I emailed geocaching.com and they said they had their own app in dev and I could not access their web services directly.

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Free Lite version. Full and Demo version available with enhanced features.

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