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Gobico Games developer joins Palm's SDK team

by Derek Kessler Wed, 16 Jun 2010 1:03 pm EDT

Now hiring!

Dave Balmer, Palm webOS developer extraordinaire, is jumping from the creation to the support side of the development field by joining Palm’s Mojo SDK development team. Dave, who runs Gobico Games and built the popular webOS games Wobble Words (swoon) and Poker Drops, was recruited to join the Mojo SDK team and, as he puts it, to help “take a great SDK to new heights.” We’ll agree that the SDK needs some new heights, and are excited to see an accomplished developer like Dave joining the team.

If you’re fearful that your Gobico Games apps are going to fall be the wayside, fear not. Dave assures us that he’ll still be working on improving Wobble Words and Poker Drops, and may even push out some new apps if time permits. He’s also going to continue work on his open source JavaScript and HTML5 app framework “Jo.”

So congratulations to Dave! And golf claps to Palm for picking up another fine programmer to keep pushing the SDK forward. Now bring on those APIs!

Source: Palm Developer Center Forums