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by jssandler Thu, 16 Dec 2010 5:43 pm EST
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The Good Jew app is great for anyone interested in learning a little more about Jewish history and customs. Good Jew focuses on breadth of knowledge, combining several app concepts into one neat package. There is a news feed to the Jerusalem Post and Ha’ Aretz, a Wisdom section with Pirkei Avot, a Prayer section with an overview of religious texts, currently 12 common blessings with Hebrew and English text, an overview of the holidays with associated blessings, a dynamic feed to weekly sermons (Parsha), and the Psalms of David (to be updated in their entirety), there’s a glossary with hundreds of Yiddish terms and definitions and biographies of 40+ individuals from Biblical, Middle-Ages, and Modern eras. There’s also a calendar with all of the holidays listed out to 2019 in an easily accessible format. Not a bad package for about a buck. Hope you enjoy!

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