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Google and Sprint team up for deep Voice integration

by Derek Kessler Mon, 21 Mar 2011 8:12 pm EDT

We’re big fans of Google Voice here, and by virtue of this being a webOS site, we imagine a lot of you are Sprint fans. The two have teamed up to bring our dreams into reality, with Sprint and Google announcing deep integration for Google Voice. The gist of the announcement is that you can use your Sprint number as your Google Voice number without having to port or cancel your Sprint line, or use your Google Voice number as your outgoing number, all without having to use any app to make it happen.

All of this comes with Google’s inbox services, including transcriptions sent via text message and/or email. Additionally, if you opt to use your Sprint number (which chances are you’ve had longer than your Google Voice number) as your number for Voice, it will function just if it were your Voice number, ringing all of your phones at once. All other Voice features, like per-contact voicemail greetings, number blocking, and everything else are also included.

All-in-all, the new service will give Sprint customers all of the benefits of Google Voice without the hassle of changing numbers or cancelling lines. This Sprint-Google Voice tie-up hasn’t gone live just yet, though both are promising that it will be coming “soon” to all Sprint users, and at no cost. Yeah, you don’t even need a smartphone to swing this. Google’s put together a sign-up page so you can get notified as to when this service is made available. Check out the video explaining it all after the break.