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Google Announces AdSense for Mobile Applications

by Jonathan Downer Thu, 25 Jun 2009 9:32 am EDT


If you've ever spent time browsing the web (which we assume you have, since you're reading this), you've likely seen advertising embedded on the web sites you frequent. A great many of these ads are being powered by an application called Google AdSense. What makes this application unique, is its ability to allow website developers to target ads toward their audience, which is why you tend to see tech related ads on tech related websites. In exchange for hosting the advertising, the owners of these websites are paid, which allows them to continue to host and update their site.
Until today's announcement, AdSense on cell phones has been limited to mobile web browsers, which you've probably seen if you've ever visited a mobile optimized website. With the new Mobile Applications version, app developers will now be able to embed targeted advertising within their applications. The practical side to this will be that developers can earn some extra money for the ads, with the obvious downside being more ads in your apps.
So far, AdSense for Mobile Applications is in beta only for the iPhone and Android, but there's no reason not to expect this to show up for WebOS (especially once Palm publically releases the full SDK later this summer). We'd like to hear your thoughts on this one; will this lead to a new wave of more inexpensive and free applications, or will we see a flood of worthless, ad-riddled applications? Let us know in the comments!