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Google killing new ActiveSync support for Gmail, Contacts, and Calendar

by Derek Kessler Fri, 14 Dec 2012 7:14 pm EST

Google killing new ActiveSync support for Gmail, Contacts, and Calendar

Today Google announced that, effective 30 January 2013 the company will be shutting down new set-ups for their Google Sync service and its accompanying Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol. The key words in that are that this applies to new device set-ups, Google says that existing Google Sync connections will continue to function. It's not clear at this point that if you remove a device if you'll be able to add that same device back in (as is the suggested fix for the occasional webOS Synergy break-down).

webOS users have had two options since launch for syncing their Google emails, contacts, and calendars: a direct Google log-in or using Exchange ActiveSync. Google recently launched support for CardDAV synchronization for contacts, adding to their open protocol support stable of IMAP and CalDAV. webOS supports IMAP sync, but CalDAV and CardDAV aren't currently in the cards.

While it's obvious that setting up a new synchronization connection for Google through Exchange on webOS devices will be a no-go by the end of next month (again, existing connections will continue to function), we're less clear on the Google account log-in option. The Google Sync website lists support that the service currently supports iOS, Nokia, SyncML, Windows Phone, and Windows Mobile - webOS isn't listed. The ommission of webOS from the Google Sync website could mean that either Google doesn't support webOS anymore and has been merely letting it tool along merrily, or that the Google synchronization built in to webOS operates outside of the Google Sync system. We've reached out to Google for clarification and will update this post if we receive such.

We spoke with HP about the issue, and they informed us that "webOS will not be affected by Google's decision to discontinue ActiveSync support for Gmail, Contacts, and Calendar on new devices"

It's worth repeating that this only applies to new device connections - existing Google Sync and ActiveSync connections will be unaffected. Just, you know, think twice before deleting a Google Account from your webOS device after January.