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Google loves Palm Pre With so much of their technology built into the Pre, it’s no surprise that the folks at Google are excited to see the phone finally make it onto market (even if it is oddly contradictory to Google’s investment in their Android OS). The Google Mobile Blog, which covers all things Google that are mobile, this weekend posted an entry discussing Google’s involvement with the Pre (Synergy contacts and calendar, YouTube, Maps, Gmail, etc) and how easy it was to port these in with the simple HTML, JavaScript, and CSS programming language of webOS. But the more exciting part of their post?

This is just the beginning for Google applications on Palm Pre. The good news is that since our applications are built using web standards along with Palm's MoJo SDK, we can iterate quickly and provide new functionality, often without requiring you to install anything new. We look forward to rolling out new features for our mobile applications at a rapid clip.

Thanks to Rene for the tip!