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Google News update actually includes webOS this time

by Nathan Mylott Tue, 16 Nov 2010 10:17 am EST

In what is hopefully a turning point in Google's attitude toward webOS, they have finally included the best mobile OS in one of their products; an update to the functionality of Google News for mobile.

The update is enabled for IOS and Android devices as well and makes the interface much easier for your fingers. In the list of articles, the entire text of the preview is now clickable, not just the headline. So it is much easier to click the article you want to read.

There is also now a 'more sources' link that will take you to more articles about the same topic. It is sort of redundant in the screenshot above because I searched for webOS and clicking more sources just takes me to more webOS articles that are already in the list. So this feature is only useful if you are browsing the day's headlines, not necessarily searching for something in particular it seems.

This is quite a surprise since Google has left webOS out of nearly all of its new product and feature launches, most recently Google Instant. It did, however, enable Google Suggest on webOS devices, so their standpoint on supporting the OS is confusing.

Source: Download Squad; Via: WebOS Roundup