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Got kids? webOS has some great apps for you

by Adam Marks Mon, 22 Aug 2011 7:11 pm EDT

Although webOS devices (both phones and TouchPad) can be a great productivity tools for adults, it doesn't mean that they can't also be fun for your little ones, too. If you have young children under 4 years old, there are lots of great apps that you can download that they'll enjoy (or will just keep them occupied when you are trying to actually get things done). These apps range from free to paid, from games to books, and from phones or TouchPad versions (or both).

So, whether you still have some of your TouchPad $50 early adopter rebate left over or you just picked up a cheap TouchPad during the fire sale, continue past the break to check out our list of favorite apps for parents to pick up. Also, don't forget to leave a comment if you have any more suggestions of apps

Note that unless otherwise indicated, apps will work on both phones and the TouchPad.

  • Apps in Italics will run well on webOS phones only,
  • Apps in Bold will run well in the TouchPad only
  • Not all apps may be available in all regions

Coloring Apps


Allow you toddler to explore his or her creative side. Just Draw on the TouchPad gives you the ability to draw free-form in different colors and pen sizes, while Coloring Book allows to you to fill in different parts of pre-drawn pictures with any color of your choice.



You can use your TouchPad as a virtual storybook for your toddler. Whether you use the Kindle app to get access to Amazon's thousands of books or use some dedicated apps, you have a lot to choose. Take a look at the descriptions, as some will read the books to you while others are just words on a page.

Musical Instruments


Turning your TouchPad in a musical instrument can be a lot of fun for your little one. There are a lot of both free and paid apps available to you that offer a variety of different musical experience. You can turn your phone or TouchPad into a drum set, kalmbia, regular piano, or an Animal Baby Piano that will give you a fun piano that also makes animal sounds.

The TouchPad's Web Browser

The stock web browser on the TouchPad has an amazing implementation of Adobe Flash built into it, so you have access to a lot of sites with games or videos. One great example is with its vast array of games and activities. Or, load up Amazon Instant Streaming, or other streaming video services to pull up a video of their favorite show. Make sure you double-tap on the Flash object to allow you to fully interact with it.

Miscellaneous and Fun:

  • Phake Phoney ($0.99) - Want to allow them to play with your phone but not actually dial? This gives you a dialpad for them to play with that will speak out the numbers, play music, and even give you the option to prevent them from minimizing the app into card mode.
  • FlashCards ($4.99) - While you may think of this app as the premier educational/study aid for students and adults, it also had a lot of great children's themed sets of Flash Cards, including numbers, letter, shapes or even state capitals (if you want to get them started on georgraphy a little early).  With audio and photos included, this will be sure to keep you little one busy and smart!
  • Animal ABCs ($0.99) - Help your toddler learn their ABCs with fun animated pictures
  • Peekaboo (free) - Find where the baby is hiding and he will appear and say "Peekaboo"
  • On the Naughty Step (free)- Has your little baby boy or girl been bad and needs a time out? This will allow you a fun way to keep track of how much longer their punishment will last
  • SaberUltimate (free) - Jedi Master in training?
  • Angry Birds, AB Seasons, AB Rio - Who doesn't love angry birds? Available in different variety for both phones and HD versions for the TouchPad. Prices vary, although free trail versions are available and Angry Birds HD is free for the TouchPad

Show off your Photos


After you have taken photos of your todder, you may want to send them off to friends or family, or even send a free postcard via the Touchnote app. If you need to crop or resize the photos, you can always use Image Worker or the Photo Effects suite of apps. If you keep a large collection of photos, you can also use Wall Switch to randomly change the background and Pane Free or Multi Pane to give you a transparent card to always see your background