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by Bradley Graber Thu, 16 Dec 2010 8:50 pm EST
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**New** - Dashboard and Speedometer views added to the paid version. You can now view the data while any other application is running! You can access this feature by switching to gpsDashboard Plus.

This free application displays your current speed, altitude, and heading. The app also tracks your average, and top speed as well as misc other trip information.

This app can be used while traveling, but can also be used for many other applications as well. Track your walks, bike rides, or ski runs. This app is also perfect for measuring your golf drives.

Features you'll get if you upgrade to the paid app include an alternate speedometer display mode that can be displayed on your windshield for a heads up display. The speedometer also displays in red/yellow/green based on the speed-limit you can set.

gpsDashboard Plus also tracks your all-time highest & lowest locations and top speed location. Trip duration, as well as the ability to continue a trip between application loads is also included. The paid app also includes a graphic satellite signal strength indicator, as well as a clock in landscape mode.

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