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AT&T HP Veer 4G available today - who's getting one?

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sun, 15 May 2011 6:25 am EDT

The Veer is here. We've been waiting patiently for the first member of that trio of devices announced on February 9th this year has finally arrived: the AT&T HP Veer 4G is available today. Last week we posted our comprehensive Veer review, and now it's your turn to try out the device for yourself and put it through that sometimes horrifying test called "everyday life."

The Veer is available through AT&T and Best Buy, where it is $99.99 with a two-year contract at the former, and free at the latter (store links below). Both establishments are offering the Veer off-contract as well, asking a steep $449.99 for the privilege. Strangely, unlike our previous information, AT&T only seems to have the black Veer online, while Best Buy has both the black and white models available. What's available in stores may not necessarily reflect what's available online. Still, you'll probably want to hold the phone and marvel at how small it is before plopping down your hard-earned cash (or signing away the next two years of your life).

Additionally, the old website has seen yet another front page revamp, this time going all HP-dark to coincide with the Veer launch. HP's taking a big gamble with the Veer, and now we're going to get to see if that gamble finally pays off. So we have to ask... who's planning on getting an AT&T HP Veer 4G? Oh, and we've got a dedcated discussion forum for the Veer all set up for when you do get one, of if you're still considering the buy.

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