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by rsanchez1 Wed, 03 Nov 2010 4:35 pm EDT
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Grav is a simulator for gravitational interactions between multiple bodies. Explore multiple pre-made systems, or create your own systems, and watch them evolve in time.


You can navigate by flicking the screen to jump in a direction, or by dragging the screen to move smoothly through space. You can zoom in and out using pinching gestures. You can pause/resume the simulation by tapping the pause/play button, and you can toggle several simulation settings, including rotating reference frames and loading new systems, by tapping the settings button.


These keyboard commands are also supported:

  • Navigate using W,A,S, and D keys
  • Zoom in and out using I and O keys
  • Pause/Resume with P
  • Toggle bounce with B
  • Toggle new body mass with Sym
  • Load a new pre-made system with Space

Instructions will be included with the app in a later release. This app was a web app ported to webOS, and code for both the web app and webOS app can be found here:


Hint: Try the Sun-Jupiter system with Toggle Trace and Rotate Frame turned on.

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