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by SirataXero Sat, 02 Jan 2010 11:48 am EST
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Update v0.0.3 (12/30/2009) Added Features:
- Animal Anatomy added!
- - Accessed through the main page app menu (top left). As of right now, it just shows a list of numbers (1-80). Each link opens a hi-res image of animal anatomy scanned from the "Handbuch der Anatomie der Tiere für Künstler" (Handbook of Animal Anatomy for Artists) from the University of Wisconsin Madison's Library archives. Please make sure to have a good strong internet connection before trying to access images, since they are rather large image files.

Update v0.0.2 (11/29/2009) Added Features: - Offline Page Saving Feature!!! - - As of right now, the offline page saving feature only saves one page and does not save images. - Navigation buttons in each page - Fixed bug with Landscape Mode not working - Cleaned up Help Page with links - Added new suggested icons - Removed "Brought to you by" information from front page

A simple UI to the online version of Gray's Anatomy by Bartleby. I plan on adding a few more features as time goes on. You need the internet for this app to work. Please follow the thread (link below) for current version, planned updates, and known bugs. Thanks! Hope this comes in handy. :) P.S.: If anyone can come up with a better icon, I would really appreciate it (and list your name in the acknowledgements), Thanks!

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Updated to "MediPedia" in the app catalog.

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