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Grooveshark 1.2 update brings dashboard, filters, and more

by Derek Kessler Wed, 03 Nov 2010 8:52 am EDT

Grooveshark If you’re looking for an alternative to Pandora for your music streaming needs, look no further than Grooveshark. Unlike Pandora, Grooveshark allows you to play the songs you want and combines it with an advanced recommendation engine. Those recommendations are also tied into the playlists of other Grooveshark users you follow (assuming you and your friends have similar musical tastes).

Grooveshark’s webOS app debuted earlier this year and recently received a hefty update. The new Grooveshark 1.2.0 brings a long awaited notification area dashboard player for controlling the streaming music playback from within other apps. There’s also now a shuffle mode option for your playlists and search filters to better narrow your results. And if you happen to be in a poor signal area, Grooveshark can detect that and serve up lower bitrate tunes for continuing (if lesser quality) music.

The app has received a number of other smaller updates, tweaks, and bug fixes to bring it to the big one dot two dot oh. Check it out - Grooveshark is available for free from the Palm App Catalog, with full functionality offered through a $3 monthly subscription, which by the way, allows you to stream copies of your own music. Cool, eh?

Source: Grooveshark Blog