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Grooveshark comes to webOS

by Derek Kessler Wed, 24 Feb 2010 11:23 am EST

While there are all sorts of streaming music apps available for the Palm Pre (Pandora and Slacker, to name two), there’s one more service has made its presence known on webOS: Grooveshark. Their app, as demoed above, leverages Grooveshark’s popular and powerful recommendation engine to find other music you might like. Like Pandora you can rate a song up or down (smile or frown, in Grooveshark lingo), but you can also save playlists and songs for later repeat listening and sharing with other users.

What makes Grooveshark truly unique, however, is that users can upload their own content to the service. Like YouTube, you can upload whatever music or other audio you want (from your desktop, of course - that’d be too much for webOS) to Grooveshark. What makes this cool is that you can upload your own music collection to Grooveshark and listen to it from wherever you have an internet connection, be it on a friend’s computer or on your webOS phone using the Grooveshark app. Cool, eh?

Grooveshark is available now, for free, in the App Catalog.

[via: MobileCrunch]

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