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GSM Pixi smiles for the camera, [Updated]

by Robert Werlinger Tue, 06 Oct 2009 4:14 pm EDT

Looks like there's a GSM version of the Palm Pixi floating around in Vietnam, as pictured at tinhte.  The phone in question is sporting a somewhat disconcerting 4GB of memory (which is half of what's on the announced CDMA version) an EDGE logo, and a SIM card slot beneath the battery.

Hopefully this means we won't have to wait too long after the phone launches on Sprint in the coming months to see this on AT&T, where it's been previously rumored. As long as we're hoping, let's hope that whispers of WiFi on this device will pan out.

via engadget, thanks to everybody who sent this in!

UPDATE: Mohamed points out the related YouTube vid, after the break, which sends mixed signals on WiFi: the preferences icon is there for it, but only Bluetooth appears in the drop-down menu.

UPDATE 2: An anonymous source has let us know that the Pixi in question is "a ridiculously old prototype." But hey, it's a GSM Pixi, so that's good for something, eh?

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