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GSM Pre and GSM Pixi to Get Plussed

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 22 Jan 2010 5:16 pm EST

It's safe to assume we'll see webOS devices in the first half of the year because AT&T said so and because they've popped up on server logs. Now that we have the Palm Pre Plus and the Palm Pixi Plus, there's another question to ask: which webOS devices?

Short version: it's no surprise, but we're expecting that there will be Plus versions of the GSM Palm Pre and Palm Pixi. Hopefully they'll arrive in time for AT&T, but it's no lock yet.

How do we know? Enter Scaredy (Hi back atcha, Scaredy!), who had previously spotted the CDMA Pre Plus make its way through Canadian testing. Now he's found the P101UNA and the P121UNA pop up at TÜV Rheinland, a testing and certification company. Both received a "US + Canadian NRTL certificate," which is TÜV's way of of saying that OSHA and Canada's SCC  probably won't bring the hammer down (in other words, we're not talking FCC just yet). As we've learned, the P101 is the Pre Plus and the UNA is the the GSM version, ditto P121 for Pixi Plus.

As much as we like Verizon around these parts, it would be a shame if AT&T didn't get the Plus versions of the Pre and Pixi. Heck, it would be as much of a shame for Europe to not eventually see some Plus action. So while code numbers showing up TÜV Rheinland doesn't do much more than suggest such models exist out there somewhere, that's enough to whet our appetite and give hope to the GSM holdouts here in the US of A.

Thanks to Scaredy and ToniCipriani for the heads-up!