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GSM Pre caught in the 'wild,' strapped to O2 display

by Derek Kessler Wed, 07 Oct 2009 6:42 pm EDT

O2 Pre on display

PreCentral forum member Azthel has gotten his hands onto something pretty darned sweet: an O2 Germany Palm Pre, and unlike many of the other leaks we’ve seen, he managed to get some pretty sweet pictures too. Above is the in-store display you can likely expect to see all around O2’s European stores and it sports the same slanted metal Touchstone-tipped stalk as the displays in Sprint stores here state-side, leading us to guess that Palm was behind the design of the set-ups. Azthel has several more pictures over in the forums.

Another PreCentral reader, this time erasef301 was walking around the downtown shopping area in his German city where he spotted an O2 sign advertising the Pre. He was understandably excited, as the Pre is pretty darned cool (picture after the break).

O2 Germany Palm Pre street advertisement

With Palm ready to make a big drive into Europe we have to wonder how much traction they’ll be able to get in a market that has traditionally eluded Palm’s core offerings. While they tried unsuccessfully for many years to push Palm OS into Europe, both carriers and consumers seemed reluctant to adopt the platform. Palm’s Windows Mobile devices, specifically the Euro-centric Treo 500v and the Treo Pro, only enjoyed modest success in Europe, but nothing worth writing home to Sunnyvale. With the Pre set to land on O2 in the Germany in a week’s time and several other European countries shortly thereafter, we’ll soon have our answer.