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GSM Pre, Pixi Plus Spotted on Industry Canada

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 18 Jan 2010 10:28 am EST

Scaredy over at HoFo took a look around Industry Canada's Certification and Engineering pages and found a couple new approved devices. First and most interesting: the P121EWW - that's the CDMA Palm Pixi Plus to you - cropped up back on December 14th, WiFi and all. Both join the standard CDMA Palm Pre and the original CDMA Pixi, already in the system.

Second and also interesting, the GSM variant of the Palm Pre was also approved - the P100UNA on December 2nd, to be exact.

If the above devices to appear on carriers in Canada and aren't just up on IC for approved roaming purposes, it does sort to throw the clean division of webOS devices off-kilter. We know plenty of Canadians who would prefer a GSM Pre to the CDMA one that's currently offered on Bell. As for the CDMA, WiFi-enabled Pixi Plus - we suspect Bell customers will be pleased, Sprint customers miffed, and Verizon customers nonplussed that big V's exclusive is apparently US-only.

Thanks to Kyle for the tip!