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by kardin Fri, 28 Aug 2009 1:44 pm EDT
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To provide a comprehensive guitar toolkit, the Guitarist's Reference was developed and recently launched, providing learning tools for chords, scales and arpeggios. This innovative new application specifically caters to the guitar lover in anyone.

With Guitarist's Reference you will learn everything about guitar chords, scales, arpeggios, triads, standard tuning, alternate tunings and much more...

- Comprehensive database with over 3,000 chord voicings
- Over 500 scales
- Over 550 arpeggios
- Triads in any inversion
- Chord/Scale relationships: you select a chord, program will show recommended scales (Work in progress)
- Scales to Chords: you pick a scale, program will show all chords that work well with selected scale. (Work in progress)
- Chord Name Finder: You enter your notes on the fretboard, program will tell you the chord name.
- Easy to look up any note on the fretboard
- Tones are actually played with every chord, scale, arpeggio, triad. (Work in progress)
- A Chord Quiz feature allows the user to test their learning on an ongoing basis
- Support 38 alternate guitar tunings or you can custom your tuning
- Support Left and Right handed
- Superb graphics and friendly user interface

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