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by WalterZwei Sat, 06 Oct 2012 9:54 am EDT
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Walter Koch
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GuttenPodder is a podcast app for webOS. It searches, finds, downloads, plays and deletes audio and video podcasts. It can mix podcast feeds episodes automagically in playlists and scans webOS devices for local audio files.

GuttenPodder is based on drPodder, the well known podcast app for webOS.  GuttenPodder supports the TouchPad (modification based on the app "podfrenzy").

There are some new options e.g. filtering lists, sleep timer, audiobook support (called 'local media'), manual reordering of episodes (tap & drop), sorting by time, title. url, path or smart guessing. GuttenPodder brings new commands like "play from here" and  "mark all VISIBLE as old/new" etc.

GuttenPodder is licensed GPLv3 and should run on all webos devices like Pre, Pixi, Veer, Pre 3 and TouchPad (webOS 1.4.5, 2.x.x and 3.0.x).
Changes in 0.9.4   (2013-06-18)

  • fix: Landscape mode looks prettier now, but not perfect
  • new: filter for feed list and episode list. Just type a filter expression (case insensitive).
    On Touchpad tap the new search button for start
  • new: auto update optional for one selected feed or playlist only.
  • mod: auto update time picker intervall now 5 minutes instead of 15 minutes
  • fix: back button is only needed when no gesture area is availble; existence of
    physical keyboard is of no relevance. As a result on phones many stages do not show any longer a back

Changes in 0.9.3   (2013-03-19)

  • new: sleeptimer in the episode detail screen's  menu (suggested several times, e.g. by sanaking|pc). no dockmode support yet.
  • new: local media search expressions are now case insensitive with switchable search modes for path and/or titel (suggested by Adam Marks)
  • new 'path' sort mode for episodes
  • fix: manual reorder of episodes with tapping & dropping should now work well. After restarting GP the last sort order is restored.
  • fix: in episode description iframes and objects are now ignored; there  are podcasts out there (eg. psycomedia) with info text with many embedded videos, resulting in many many windows (reported by Peter Mohlin)
  • fix: resume playing did not work every time - I hope it works now (reported by bethel95|pc)
  • fix: every word of the episode title was always capitalized by webos
  • del: removed "gdgt weekly" from default feeds (it's dead, Jim)

Changes in 0.9.1

  • Fixed a bug, which prevented that the media permission dialog shows up. Thus no local media function (audiobooks) works. Furthermore no error dialog was given ... 

New in 0.9.0:

  • Support of local media (eg. audiobooks copied to the usb partition). There are some restrictions due to webos limitation and bugs (see online help)
  • new option "episode sorting"  in the feed settings
  • manual reordering of episodes in the episodes list (not persistent)

Additional changes compared to drPodder 0.7.7:

  • new episode filter "not downloaded & new", "downloaded & new"
  • new episode cmd "Play all from here"
  • fullscreen support for TouchPad (from podFrenzy)
  • code for metrix statistic ("phoning home") removed
  • changed epsiode command menu: "mark all as new/old" to "mark all visible as New/old"
  • merged "about" and "help" menu
  • fixed search
  • fixed podtrapper bug
  • gpodder search added (gpodder-Patch provided by Thomas Perl)
  • itunes search fixed and enabled
  • localiced timestamps in episodes
  • example podcast changed (deleted non existing podcasts, two german podcast added)
  • fixed hangig in feedlist caused by invalid replace regexp e.g. "(  *"

Known errors:

  • sometimes audio streaming does not work
  • some podcast do not play because of strange http redirection
  • video podcasts are not bookmarked
  • sometimes feed list becomes invisible and must be scrolled to become visible again
  • search via does not work any more (I've contacted them)
  • the translations are not complete (my fault)
  • * reordering feeds while filter field is in use could result in, ahm, funny optics /li>


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