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First there came prePod, an amazing Hombrew podcast app by DrNull with features that rivaled any podcatcher on any other mobile platform. Then prePod was renamed to drPodder and graduated into the official app catalog. When the TouchPad and Pre3 were released, drPodder was not optimized to run on the larger screens and the original developer was had no plans to update the app to support these new devices. Luckily, it was released under an Open Source license so Bits of God Software took the code and modified it, adding in some additional features and fixed a few bugs, then released it as podFrenzy in the App Catalog. Although it got a few updates after its release, it--like  webOS hardware and TouchPad itself--was eventually left for dead. But fear not, development on this app has now been picked up by Walter Koch, who took up the open source code from both drPodder and podFrenzy, along with some homebrew patches from our forums, and has released GuttenPodder in our webOS Nation homebrew feed and is now available for download in Preware or webOS Quick Install.

GuttenPodder came about because Walter would use drPodder daily on his Pre3 and was frustrated with some of the bugs in the app and was missing some specific features. With the Open Source nature of both drPodder and podFrenzy, Walter was able to dig into the code, make those updates and then repackage it as a new app. While his work has obviously been focused on the features that he is most interested in on his Pre3, he has made sure to take on other's needs as well by supporting the TouchPad as well as fixing the podtrapper bug that was introduced in webOS 2.x but never fixed in the preceding apps. You can check out the webOS Nation GuttenPodder forum thread for a complete list of updates from drPodder, but be aware that this app is still in beta and it actively being worked on. In addition, he has a long list of ideas for additional features, such as a dockmode for Exhibition, playbackrate (although not currently supported under webOS) and media indexer for ebook import, but there are no guarantees that he will get around to these.

The current plan is for GuttenPodder to remain as a homebrew app only, but will always remain as a free app even if it eventually makes its way into the App Catalog.  If you like GuttenPodder and want to donate, Walter has asked us to direct people to purchase drPodder from the AppCatalog to give back to drNull, because without him, there would be no GuttenPodder.

Finally, if you are a drPodder or podFrenzy user and want to migrate your feeds to GuttenPodder, you can follow a similar produce was what we suggested for PodFrenzy.  One option is to use the import/export feature built into each of those apps, but this will not migrate over the status of each episode (new, downloaded, etc), nor will it copy over any of your downloaded podcasts. Luckily, the homebrew Save/Restore app is here to help with that. Keep reading after the break for those migration instructions.

You will need to have both Internalz Pro and Save/Restore installed on your device for these directions. Depending on the version of Save/Restore you have installed, there are slightly different directions that you will need to follow (note that version 1.6.2 of Save/Restore is not yet available, but should be in the Beta App feeds within the next few days)

  • On your device, open Save/Restore and "save" the current status of drPodder or podFrenzy
  • Open Internalz Pro and navigate to /media/internal/saverestore/
  • Swipe down from the top-left to bring up the Application Dropdown menu and select "Create Directory".  Type in "de.u32.guttenpodder" (without the quotes) and press OK
  • Navigate to the /media/internal/saverestore/com.drnull.drpodder (for drPodder) or /media/internal/saverestore/com.bitsofgodsoftware.podfrenzy (for podFrenzy) folder and tap on the .ZIP file in that folder (use the one with the latest timestamp if there are multiple files). Select "Copy" and choose /media/internal/saverestore/de.u32.guttenpodder
  • If running Save/Restore 1.6.1 or lower:
    • Navigate to /var/svc/org.webosinternals.saverestore and find the com.drnull.drpodder file (you can use this regardless of what application you are currently running). Tap on it and select "Info".  At the top of the screen where it shows the file name, replace "com.drnull.drpodder "with "de.u32.guttenpodder" (without the quotes). Tap lower down on the screen below the text box and select "YES" when prompted if you want to rename the file
    • Swipe down from the top-left and select "Back" from the dropdown
    • If you want, you can edit the text in the file as well to replace the drPodder name with GuttenPodder, but you do not have to
  • Open GuttenPodder at least once on your device, and choose "No" when prompted to add any feeds.
  • Close GuttenPodder
  • Open Save/Restore, choose "Restore application data" and restore GuttenPodder (it may still be listed as drPodder if you did not manually change the name in the text file above, but should show the correct "de.u32.guttenpodder" app id under the name).
  • Reboot your device
  • Open GuttenPodder to find all your feeds restored. You will still need to want to go to the app Preferences to ensure they are all set to your desired settings.