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Palm Pre and iTunes

So, we all figured that when you flipped the Palm Pre into Media Sync mode to pull content over from iTunes that it meant the Pre was making a few changes to its costume and masquerading as an iPod. Jon Lech Johansen, who gave the first detailed speculation of how this conceptually would work, has confirmed that the Pre indeed does pretend to be an Apple iPod when you hit the Media Sync button, with the Mass Storage ID saying "I'm an iPod." The root USB node, however, still says that the device is a Palm Pre, so if Apple really wanted to they could modify iTunes to ask, "No, really, who are you?" a second time. And then Palm could update Media Sync to switch the root USB node ID, and then Apple could update iTunes to ask a third time, and then... well, let's just hope that Apple doesn't stoop to blocking the Pre from iTunes and we can keep our Media Syncing drama-free.

Thanks to Liam for the tip!