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Happy AT&T Palm Pre Plus Launch Day!

by Dieter Bohn Sun, 16 May 2010 9:57 am EDT


The Palm Pre Plus officially launches today on AT&T. It's $149.99 after a two year contract and we're pretty giddy to have a GSM webOS device finally available here in the US of A.In case you missed it, you should check out our full AT&T Palm Pre Plus Review.

If you're new to webOS or to the Pre, you should know that review primarily focuses on what's new with AT&T and the differences between that Pre Plus and previous versions. We've got plenty of resources for you, though:

We don't know if it'll set the world on fire, but we think it could start a flame in your heart. Are you getting one? Have you snuck out early to buy? Anybody line up? If our inbox is any indication, more than a few of you have purchased already on AT&T's website.

Oh, and most importantly, to all you new Pre Plus owners: welcome!