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HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Preware turns 2

by Adam Marks Fri, 19 Aug 2011 11:53 pm EDT

With all the uncertainty surrounding webOS, we do have one thing that we can celebrate: Preware is 2 years old today. In the last two years since its debut on August 20, 2009, we have seen Preware grow to include homebrew apps, official App Catalog apps, patches, themes, kernels, services, and a whole lot more. As of its two year birthday, Preware currently has over 3000 packages available for your downloading pleasure.

To celebrate the occasion, Preware is getting a little make over. Upon loading up Preware on the 20th, you will notice that the icon in your App Launcher will change to a birthday themed icon, as well as the icon within of the app itself. This birthday theme will stick around all day on the 20th, reverting back to its normal icon the next time you reboot your device the following day.

So, on this happy occasion, think back to how Preware, WebOS Internals, and the entire homebrew community has made your webOS experience all that much better. For many (this author included), we may have left webOS long ago had it not been for homebrew and it may keep many of us around even if HP eventually pulls the plug of webOS. So, forget about all your troubles and let's give a big Happy Birthday cheer to Preware. And of course, birthday presents can always be sent to the usual donation address. It will ensure they can pick up some more (cheap) TouchPads to continue supporting the community for as long as possible.