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Hash codes on Pre start the road to tethering

by Derek Kessler Mon, 08 Jun 2009 10:29 am EDT

Dial-up networking warning Back when Palm first announced the Pre, they said that the phone was going to support tethering. Somewhere along the way, either Palm, or more likely Sprint, decided that was a bad idea and completely disable the option, not even letting you use Sprint’s Phone As Modem plan to connect your computer to the internet through the Pre. For the mobile warriors out there this was bad news, but deesugar on our forums has put the old Treo hash codes (a way of boiling down data about the phone for things like determining the cause of a crash) to the test and found that by entering ##DATA# he could access a whole slew of information about the phone and what could eventually lead to the Pre having tethering enabled - either by Palm and Sprint (following suit after the iPhone gets the capability with 3.0) or by enterprising third-party developers.

And just today tripple_sinner, also in our forums, reported getting Bluetooth dial-up networking to work, and was getting speeds of up to 1400 kbps. Oher users have managed to get their computers to connect to the Pre as if the phone is indeed a modem, but are running into issues when they actually attempt to transer data. We'll be sure to keep you posted on developments on this front - it looks like dial-up networking is right around the corner!

Thanks to ToolkiT in our forums the tip!