Hello, my name is Derek, and I'll be your host at PreCentral | webOS Nation

Hello, my name is Derek, and I'll be your host at PreCentral

by Derek Kessler Thu, 02 Jun 2011 9:41 am EDT

In case you haven't heard, a pillar of the webOS community is standing down. After years at the helm of TreoCentral, PreCentral, and the entire Smartphone Experts network of communities, our Editor-in-Chief and my good friend Dieter Bohn is moving on to a new chapter in his life. While he’ll still be around in the technology world, managing PreCentral has become my responsibility.

Thankfully, because of the awesome job that Dieter has done in building this site, not much is going to change as part of this transition. We’ll all miss Dieter, but the beat of webOS news is going to continue on in the days, weeks, and months to come. I and the rest of the PreCentral editorial staff and our team of forum moderators are going to continue to work to build the best webOS site and community out there.

If you’re a regular reader of PreCentral, you’re likely already familiar with me. I’ve been with the Palm community for several years now, but back in 2008 my interest was waning. My Treo 755p was a slow brick compared to the next generation smartphones out there, and I was in the market for something, well, new. And then came the announcement of the Palm Pre, and I’ve been hooked on webOS ever since.

Dieter brought me on to this site back in May 2009 when the world was all bright and shiny and webOS was going to conquer the smartphone space. Things may not have panned out exactly how we or Palm expected them to go, but along the way a community better than we could have ever imagined sprung up. And now things are finally starting to look up for webOS, and I’m proud and excited that I’m going to have the honor to lead this awesome community into that enthralling future.

I can’t promise that my typos are going to be fewer, but I promise you that PreCentral will continue to lead the charge with the best webOS news, reviews, podcasts, editorials, and community. This site is what it is because of the enthusiasm and passion of readers like you. It’s readers like you that made it so that Palm could survive long enough to be purchased by HP, ensuring a future for webOS. And it’s readers like you that I’ll continue to strive to give the best content every single day.

So stick around, dear reader, for good times are ahead.