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by 72ka on 11/21/2012 | ; Tags: - none - | 3 comments

Online HERE maps for webOS. If you try to open their maps in webOS browser, you can´t interact with the maps. This application is simple webview container to allow user interactions. All the issues and bugs are on the Nokia side (they doesn´t count with webOS). This application is unofficial, free, licenced under Apache license.
News in 0.0.2:
- fixed the change of base URL address
- enabled fullscreen, because in normal view the bottom buttons are almost hidden
Known issues:
The best platform is only webOS 2.1
webOS 1.x - web app won´t load at all
webOS 3.x - the map is only at half of the screen
webOS 2.2.x - not possible to scroll in menus