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Have you ever wondered how to highlight text within webOS? Depending on if you trying to highlight an editable text field or a block of text (e.g. from from a website or email), the process is slightly different.

  • Editable text - You simple place/move the cursor to where you want the highlight to start, press the Shift key ( Shift Key ) and then drag your finger anywhere on the screen in the direction that you want to move the cursor. Note that you do not need to put your finger over the text you want to highlight, you just need to move it in the requested direction
  • Non Editable Block of Text – To highlight text from a website or email, press the Shift key ( Shift Key ) and tap on the first paragraph that you want to highlight. While still pressing the Shift key, tap on the final paragraph that you want to highlight. If you want to highlight additional or fewer paragraphs, just keep pressing the Shift key and press on the paragraphs to add or remove.  Note that you can not currently highlight individual words or sentences, just entire paragraphs, and it has to be consecutive paragraphs.

Once you've highlighted the text you want, you can "Meta-Tap" and hit C to copy or X to cut. A 'Meta-Tap' is holding your finger down on the gesture area.

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