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Homebrew developer Sconix readying patches for webOS 2.0

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Tue, 23 Nov 2010 10:33 am EST

PreCentral community member Sconix, who has already wowed webOS 1.4.5 homebrew users with the Advanced Configuration for System Preferences and Advanced Configuration for App Launcher mega-patches, is readying the next set of Advanced Configuration patches for installation under webOS 2.0. These patches, which can already be seen as placeholders in webOS Internals' webOS Patches feed, will provide a variety of new customization options for webOS 2.0. Hit the source link for details on Sconix's work on Advanced System Menus: Framework, App Menu, Mode Menu, Today Menu, Device Menu, and Power Menu!

Source: PreCentral Forums

UPDATE: As WebOS Internals chief Rod Whitby noted on Twitter, the Advanced System Menus - Device Menu, contains what turns out to be the first new homebrew JavaScript service for webOS. As you may have head, webOS 2.0 is doing away with Java, and thus the homebrew Java services developed over the past year won't be functional in the new OS. But, there's now support for both C services and JavaScript services. Sconix's new patches now include JavaScript services written with node.js to do fun stuff like trigger the LED flash as a flashlight.

Source: WebOS Internals (Twitter)