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Homebrew Fun: What does your JustType bar say? [Update]

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Tue, 20 Sep 2011 8:19 pm EDT

Since webOS 2.0 was released at the beginning of this year, the JustType bar has been the cornerstone for nearly all actions that you might perform on your device. On the TouchPad, with the lack of a physical keyboard, that fact is even more solidified as users will much more often tap the JustType bar to do virtually anything you can think of on the tablet. But as is usually the case with often-used features on the TouchPad, we'll never be satisfied with the JustType bar until it fits our personalities perfectly.

In our forums, PreCentral member ncinerate was enjoying his time modifying some files on his TouchPad, when he came across this quick method to subtly change the JustType bar's text to anything. Since he started the thread yesterday, plenty of suggestions have been brought forward from our community members on what the best quotes are that could go there, including "What do you want NOW?!?!", "They all float down here..." and, "Give me a beat!" 

Changing this text yourself using the steps from ncinerate is fairly simple, but requires that you first install Preware, the "Make it so..." patch by WebOS Internals, and Internalz Pro by JayCanuck. With a few quick taps, one small edit to the appropriate file and a full device restart, you'll be sporting a brand new JustType bar that says exactly what you want. 

Update: Or you could just install this patch by JayCanuck, "Custom JustType Label".

If you need some help getting inspiration for your JustType bar text, hit the forums at the link below and see what else has been suggested by our members. Or you could ask HAL for some advice, but we aren't really sure he'll be too helpful....