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Homebrew Licensing

All Homebrew apps at webOS Nation are provided without warranty of any kind and are for testing purposes only These apps are generally to be regarded as in Beta.

All apps in our Homebrew section are created and maintained exclusively by the developers and are not checked or maintained by webOS Nation. All support and discussion of these apps happen in their related threads in the webOS Nation forums.

All apps in our Homebrew section must be offered for free without exception Many apps will eventually find their way into the official Palm App Catalog, either as free for for-pay apps. 


Homebrew apps are uploaded with a variety of license agreements Any user who violates these agreements (for example, by re-using or posting code contrary to the intent of the license) will be banned from our site Any app that violates another app's license will similarly be removed and the developer banned.

Here are links to some of the app licenses found in the Homebrew section Any license not found here will be explained in the particular app's description.