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App Catalog Unavailable As you may have seen last night, there was a big problem with the paid apps roll-out in the webOS App Catalog. It seems that if you had a homebrew version of an app that was in the App Catalog, the Catalog recognized it as a potential upgrade and offered it to you for free, assuming that you had somehow already paid for an earlier version. This clearly was a bad thing for developers looking to get paid for their work, so once Palm recognized the problem they pulled all paid apps from the Catalog and got to work implementing a solution.

Come this morning the paid apps are back and it now appears that the Catalog knows what prior versions it has had and it shouts at you when you try to “upgrade” your homebrew app to the paid version. While it at least now lets you enter your password to pay to download, you may still receive the message “App Catalog unavailable. Try again later.” If this happens, you need to delete the homebrew version of the app you’re trying to buy. Remember, developers are the lifeblood of our community, be kind to them and they’ll be kind to you.