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by CESantos Thu, 16 Dec 2010 4:59 pm EST
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"Household Converter is an awesome app..." - "" Review

Household Converter V1.1.2 will now convert decimal numbers. It has has been tested and works on the Pre 2 (webOS 2.x). So Pre 2 users can also take the tedium out of everyday tasks with Household Converter. With this App you can convert various measurements which is extremely helpful in cooking, sewing, measuring or to accomplish school work assignments when the need for converting arises. It will convert, back and forth, between US and metric measurements such as length, weight, liquid measure, dry measure, temperature, area, angles, and computer number bases (binary, octal, hex, & decimal).

It is also used to figure dates such as adding or subtracting days to or from a date to derive a new date or to find out how many days between two dates. This is a useful feature for working on your monthly bills or investments. Converting between fractions and decimals is also provided. That is, it will convert a fraction to a decimal and a decimal to a fraction.

Lastly, it also handles area measurements. It will display formulas and calculate various area measurements and perimeters for circles, squares, rectangles, equilateral triangles, right triangles, scalene triangles, parallelograms and trapezoids.

Take a tour through the help system on our website to get a good understanding on how Household Converter functions. This is the same help system that is included with the Household Converter app.

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