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How About Some NES on your Pre?

by Jason Robitaille Fri, 12 Jun 2009 8:07 am EDT

Talk about a flash from the past!  In an unexpected turn of events, Ha-me3 in our forums is reporting that he was able to get Little John PalmOS (LJP) to run on the Pre via the Classic emulator. LJP, if you don't know, is an emulator for the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

Ha-me3 says that while playing an NES game, LJP reported a solid 60FPS, however it appeared lower, possibly indicating Classic wasn't displaying every frame outputted by LJP.  And in order to play the roms, he had to manually create the tree of folders to have the directory structure /PALM/Programs/LJP/NES/Roms exist.

All is not working fully, though.  It appears that, while an initial press of the virtual 5-way pad registers, holding the virtual button down after that initial press does nothing. Add to that, Classic v1.0 doesn't support sound (though v1.1 will) and the game experience isn't quite as fully functional as we'd like.  Hopefully future versions of Classic will support LJP better, perhaps with button mapping.  Until then, this is certainly a great start.

Kind of funny to see an emulator inside an emulator, but I'm certainly not complaining.