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How to find the keyboard

by Adam Marks Fri, 01 Apr 2011 9:22 am EDT

While the Pre, Pre+, and Pre2 may look like almost all those other slab phones out on the market, there is actually something pretty unique about the Pre-family of phones that may not be obvious right away. It actually has a full physical QWERTY (or other regional variety) keyboard hidden just underneath the touchscreen, ready for you to access it with just a push of the thumb. Hidden deep within the Pre's online manual, you will see that they actually show you the trick to expose the keyboard. Just hold the phone with the touchscreen facing up (similar to how you would hold a typical Type-I phaser) and push up on the touchscreen with your thumb. For those adventurous types, you can also grab the screen with the index finger and thumb of your opposite hand and pull to slide up the screen. Either method works just fine.

And it's even easier to find the keyboard if you have a Pixi or Pixi Plus. Just move your thumbs down approximately an inch and a half from the bottom of the touchscreen (just underneath the gesture area). There you will find an already exposed keyboard, with no sliding required!

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