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Moving icons around your app launcher works essentially the same in webOS 2.0 as it did in webOS 1.0, with just a few slight tweaks. When you press-and-hold on an icon in your launcher, you will still enter "placement" mode that will let you drag an icon to wherever you would like to move it to. However, in webOS 2.0, the launcher page will zoom-out and appear as its owns "card", making it easier to move icons between launcher pages.

Another change in webOS as it relates to the launcher is that the icons on your Quick Launch Bar do not get moved off your launcher, but rather appear in both the launcher and the Quick Launch. As a result, the Quick Launch Bar does not need to appear when you are navigating the full launcher. So how do you move icons to/from the Quick Launch Bar? Moving icons off the Quick Launch Bar is easy: when in card mode with the Quick Launch Bar visible, just press-and-hold on an icon and drag it up. While this will free up a spot for another icon, that is now an unnecessary step. In webOS 2.0, you can simply drag another icon from the launcher right on top of an existing icon in the Quick Launch Bar to replace it (as you can see in the screenshot, the Quick Launch reappears below the current launcher page when you go to move icons around).




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