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How-to: accessing your desktop bookmarks while on the go

by Derek Kessler Fri, 20 Aug 2010 12:02 pm EDT

Fliq Bookmarks Most of us still do most of our web browsing from our desktop computers and have a large collection of bookmarks accumulated over the years, but getting those bookmarks to your phone wasn’t always the easiest of tasks. Thankfully, a number of parties have gone out of their way to make it as easy as the metaphorical pie (really, pie isn’t that easy). There are several services out there to make it happen, and short of a plug-in to sync sorted bookmarks into the webOS browser, we’ve got app choices. After the break, check out some of the options available for webOS users.

Fliq Bookmarks, Free, by Mark/Space. The app is free, but it is dependent upon Mark/Space’s The Missing Sync desktop client to make the syncing magic happen. Instead of working with a cloud service, Fliq Bookmarks connects directly to your computer and pulls your browser’s bookmarks with ease.

Gmarks, $1.99, by JM Productions: If you’re a users of Google Bookmarks, this is the one for you. Google Bookmarks lets you sync from your computer to the cloud and back down to platforms all over the place. With Gmarks the webOS user can not just view their Google Bookmarks, they can sort by labels and add and edit bookmarks. Those changes are then synced back down to the computer. Magix!

BrowserMarks, $0.99, by Prototypic: There are bookmarks, and then there are social bookmarks. That’s where the service known as Delicious comes into play. Not only does Delicious let you store your bookmarks online, it also lets you share your bookmarks with your friends. The site also analyzes your bookmarks and can point you to other popular bookmarks that may fit your tastes. BrowserMarks brings all of that down to your webOS phone.

Xmarks Mobile, Free, by XMarks. Okay, so really this one’s a website, not an app. But Xmarks is by far the most popular bookmark syncing service out there. In fact, this blogger uses Xmarks to sync his bookmarks between several different browsers on multiple platforms and devices. Sadly, there’s no webOS app (there is for iOS devices), but there is a fairly functional mobile website where you can get to all of your bookmarks.