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How to: Backup and restore your text messages and call history

by Derek Kessler Tue, 13 Jul 2010 2:13 pm EDT

Text message backup... While we’re still waiting for our Palm Profiles to start backing up text messages and our call history, PreCentral reader Devon chimed in to let us know how to do it ourselves. Not only will this let you save your text messages for the potential of calamity - these backups can be used to transfer your messages and history to another webOS phone. The how-to of backing up and restoring is after the break.

Update: be sure to hit up the comments (especially volcom45's) on this post before attempting - this is definitely a power-user/at-your-own risk procedure.

To back-up:

  • Install Internalz from the Preware or WebOS Quick Install (you may have to perform a Luna restart to complete installation).
  • Open Internalz.
  • The SMS and call history database is located at /var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmDatabase.db3. In Internalz, navigate to this file (click on the “+” signs to open directories in Internalz, move back tapping the top entry in any directory).
  • Copy PalmDatabase.db3 by tapping on the file and selecting Copy.
  • Tap on the /media/internal in the “Copy to” scene and press select. /media/internal is the USB partition.
  • From here you can store the backed-up file on your device and/or copy it to your computer as with any other file from the USB partition.

Restoring works in reverse:

NOTE: Due to potential differences in the structure of the PalmDatabase.db3 file under different versions of webOS, you should only back-up from and restore-to the same version of webOS.

  • Install Internalz on your restored or new device.
  • If not already in /media/internal, copy the backed-up PalmDatabase.db3 file from your computer to the phone’s USB partition.
  • Open Internalz and navigate to /media/internal.
  • Tap on PalmDatabase.db3 and select Copy.
  • Copy the file to /var/luna/data.
  • Perform a Luna restart for good measure.

So there you have it, how to back up and restore your previous text messages and call history.

Thanks to Devon and MatthiasII in the forums!