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How To: Clean up your Google Contacts

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 16 Dec 2009 11:24 am EST

I've been using Google Contacts for a long time - basically since before it stopped adding every darn email address it could scrape. Yet as Kevin Tofel notes at jkOnTheRun today, the service isn't quite the joke it used to be. He points us to a new post over at the Gmail Blog showcasing a much-needed feature: "Find Duplicates." Friends, if you're syncing with Google, use this button.

Actually, first do a backup. Always do a backup whenever you try a new method to manage your contacts.  One other trick: go ahead and move all of your contacts out of "My Contacts" and then selectively move only the ones you actually use back into your "My Contacts."

I've done both of these and literally cut the number of contacts that sync to my Pre down to 1/3 of where it was before.