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How To: Installing Palm OS apps in Classic

by Jonathan Downer Tue, 16 Jun 2009 8:08 am EDT

Many of us were thrilled when it was discovered that a PalmOS emulator was being developed for the Pre, courtesy of Motion Apps. We were even happier when it was announced that the application would be available on launch day. This addressed the single biggest concern that long-time Palm uses voice: What would become of their favorite apps?

When launch day came, like many of us, you probably rushed out to pick up a Pre of your very own. Now that you have the device in hand, you've installed the Classic application, and now you're wondering what exactly you're supposed to do from here. Well folks, we have you covered! Read on after the break for our comprehensive "How To" on installing your old PalmOS apps onto your Pre.

First things first, we need to make sure you have Classic installed. You can find it in the App Catalog, where it can be purchased (a 7 day free trial is also offered) and installed like a normal Pre application.

Now it comes to installation time. The easiest PalmOS applications to install are single PRCs and OTA-ready packages (we'll touch on how to install multiple PRC/PDB files a little later).

Step One: Plug your Pre into your computer via USB cable, and to activate Mass Storage/USB Drive Mode on your Pre (you should be prompted upon connecting the device).

Step Two: Navigate to your Pre on your computer. On a Windows machine, you can right click on your Start menu, and click Explore. Scroll down the file structure on the left until you find the Pre, which should be listed as an additional drive, and select it. For Mac users the Pre will magically appear on your desktop like any flash drive. Now find the "ClassicApps" folder (should be top-level folder, so digging shouldn't be necessary.)

Step Three: Select the PRC or OTA package you'd like to install. Copy this file over to the ClassicApps folder on your Pre.

Step Four: Disconnect your Pre from your PC (once the files have finished copying, of course), and then to launch the Classic application. You should then find the copied files listed, and you can now select them to install.

Multiple PRC/PDB files:

If you have an application you'd like to install that is composed of multiple PRC or PDB files, have no fear, as it can still be done.

Step One: Install Classic ROM Updater (the link takes you to a complete FAQ on how to do this).

Step Two: Just as with single PRCs and OTAs, in that you need to connect your Pre to your PC, and then navigate to the ClassicApps folder.

Step Three: Once you've found the ClassicApps folder on your Pre, you should see an additional folder contained within named "Install". Copy all of the PRC and/or PDB files of the desired application into this "Install" folder.

Step Four: Disconnect your Pre from your PC, and open up the Classic application. Once again, you should find the newly copied app sitting prim and proper, all ready to be installed and used.

Copying PIM Data:

Installing your old PalmOS apps is all fine and dandy, but what good are they if you can't import the years worth of PIM data you've accumulated? Have no fear, Motion Apps has you covered, and have put together an excellent step-by-step guide on how to accomplish this.

If you have any questions, or if we were too vague, please let us know. As always, if you have any questions regarding your Pre or how something works, please contact us and we'll be sure to get you the best answer we can find.

Thanks to Larry for submitting this question - hope this helps!